1st Gear Off-Road

Welcome to 1st Gear Off-Road

I set up this site to help others find parts and accessories for their project vehicles. We manufacture many of these items out of need to work on my own vehicles. As I drive my trucks on a daily basis and use them in extreme off-road conditions, I put components through quite a test to see what works and what does not. I have never been a fan of the adage “that’s the way it’s always been done” or “ that’s the way it came from the factory”. If I’m going to drive something I want it to work, look good, be comfortable, and be safe. Hence, if you are restoring a vehicle, some parts may fit “stock” and some may not.

Check back often as I am working on adding more items to my listing.

I now have components for power steering for the FC170 and I’m still working on a system for the FC150.

Check the links to other Forward Control sites as they have more info and photo galleries of many trucks.